Ürün Kodu:
  • It helps you control your blood sugar.
  • Control your blood sugar with insulin-like function,
  • Reduction of fat in the abdomen,
  • To increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin,
  • Normalization of your blood sugar metabolism,
  • Decrease your hunger between meals,
  • It is a food supplement that can help those with Type II Diabetes and those who want to control blood sugar, as it helps to store less fat in your body and build more muscle.
  • The fact that high sugar and fatty foods are included in the daily diet causes our body's sensitivity to insulin to decrease and insulin to become inoperable. This condition is called insulin resistance and is called the first stage of diabetes.
How does insulin resistance occur?
As cells begin to become resistant to insulin, the pancreas begins to pump more insulin to maintain blood sugar balance. After a while, even more insulin becomes ineffective and the blood sugar level rises.
What is the role of cinnamon in insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes?
Studies suggest that cinnamon works like a copy of insulin. By stimulating the receptors in fat and muscle cells, as insulin does, it allows the sugar in the blood to be transported into the cells. In this way, it helps to control blood sugar level. Removing excess sugar from the blood and preventing insulin resistance is an important factor in the weight loss process. Cinnamon can also help reduce belly fat.
Biotin increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin by activating the enzyme called glucokinase, which is associated with the use of sugar in the liver.
By normalizing blood sugar metabolism, Chromium Picolonate reduces your hunger between meals and you consume less food, thus helping you store less fat and build more muscle.
The American National Institutes of Health stated that the use of combined chromium and biotin and cinnamon can help control blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients.