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Phase2 60 Tablet

It is recommended to consume 4 tablets in total, 2 tablets each with meals. It is for adults.

  • Reducing carbohydrate digestion
  • Normalization of your blood sugar metabolism,
  • Decrease your hunger between meals,
  • Less fat is stored in your body and more muscle is built,
  • Increasing the metabolic rate and burning more calories,
  • Increase in serotonin (happiness hormone) level,
  • Decreased desire to overeat
  • To increase the feeling of satiety,
  • It is a supplemental food that can help those who consume carbohydrates, those who want to control blood sugar and those who want to increase the amount of muscle without gaining weight, as it helps to reduce insulin resistance.

Carbohydrates are important nutrients in meeting daily energy needs. However, if you include too much refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pies, pastries, pasta, potatoes, and rice in your daily diet, it will cause a high amount of sugar to enter your blood stream.

What happens when a large amount of sugar enters the body?

The body secretes high amounts of insulin to cope with this sugar. High levels of insulin damage your cells after a while, causing them to lose their sensitivity to insulin. In this case, your body secretes more insulin. Eventually, your blood becomes high in insulin and sugar. This condition is called insulin resistance, and insulin resistance causes you to gain weight, and weight gain causes your insulin resistance to increase. The way to prevent this is to reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates. This is where Phase2® will help.

Is it possible to achieve this without dieting?

Derived from white bean extract, Phase2® helps reduce your carbohydrate digestion by inactivating the enzyme responsible for converting carbohydrates into digestible sugar by the body.

Phase2® has been approved by the FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration).

In Phase2® content,

By normalizing blood sugar metabolism, chromium picolinate reduces your hunger between meals and you consume less food. Thus, it helps you store less fat and build more muscle.

Green tea safely increases your metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories. 5-HTP naturally raises the level of a brain chemical called serotonin (the happiness hormone). It helps to reduce the hunger for carbohydrate foods, reduce the desire to overeat and increase the feeling of satiety.

  • It is suitable for use as a cholesterol stabilizer and for weight loss, and provides support for immunity.
  • It is effective in balancing bad cholesterol and maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • It helps all diet and weight loss exercises by giving a feeling of satiety.
  • It contributes to the regular and active functioning of the intestines.
  • It is a natural antioxidant and also contains caffeine. It has active, energizing stress-relieving properties.
  • With its antioxidant effects, it helps the organism and metabolism to be purified from harmful components, and also helps the metabolism to be more active and faster.
  • Take two tablets a day on a full or empty stomach and drink with water. The use of pregnant and children is inconvenient and attention should be paid to the amount of caffeine taken from outside as long as the product is consumed. Excessive caffeine consumption should be avoided.
Product Form: 60 Tablets